The Annual Meeting of the Joint Management Committee for the Sino-Finnish Software Engineering Program was Held Online

Date: 2021-12-10

On the afternoon of 10 December, the Joint Management Committee for the Sino-Finnish Software Engineering Program concluded its annual meeting via a conference call held at the School of International Education where Shi Guojun (secretary of the CPC committee of NJIT) and Pu Lijie (deputy secretary of the CPC committee of NJIT) exchanged views with Rector Jouko Niinim?ki, Vice Rector for Education Dr Tapio Koivu, Dean of Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Professor Jukka Riekki, Head of the M3S research unit Professor Markku Oivo and Professor Jouni Markkula at the University of Oulu, who joined the meeting from Finland.

Secretary Shi Guojun spoke highly of the program’s faculty and staff for their ability to deliver during the pandemic and expressed gratitude to program participants from University of Oulu for their exemplary work over the past year. He reported that the faculty and students at NJIT were most impressed by UO’s educational philosophy, teaching practice and international vision. At present, the proposal for “NJIT-Oulu School” is under review at the Ministry of Education of China and NJIT believes the two groups' commitment will yield encouraging results.

Rector Jouko Niinim?ki expressed his appreciation for the committee’s efficiency demonstrated in the cooperative projects and his expectations relating to the prospects for a joint venture institute. Professor Jouni Markkula (Finnish head of the Sino-Finnish Software Engineering Program) delivered the 2021 annual report concerning the program in connection with student affairs, faculty building, educational reform, project management, academic achievements and social responsibilities. He pointed out that the program has managed to improve students’ learning experience and make overall progress against the backdrop of the pandemic.

NJIT and UO concluded the meeting with member lists for the incoming joint management committee for Sino-Finnish cooperation in education, the joint monitoring committee for teaching quality and the joint management committee for student affairs. The two groups exchanged views on setting standards in connection with teaching administration and the organizing of high-level symposiums. All agreed that the past three years have proved successful in the development of skills and the two institutes’ global reach. Closer and more extensive cooperation in areas including academic conferences, joint research centers and joint postgraduate programs can be expected in the future.

Representatives from NJIT’s Academic Affairs Office, Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, School of Computer Engineering and School of International Education also attended the meeting.

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