The University Student Culture and Art Festival.

The Student Community group works together with children to build the water rockets at the Rainbow Cabin in Dantu, Zhenjiang.

The Jiangsu University Marathon League held on NJIT campus.


anjing Institute of Technology (NJIT) is more than an intellectual destination. Our students have lots of opportunities to explore their interests, showcase their talents and hone their skills. A wide range of cultural festivals and campus events organized by various student groups invigorates the NJIT community.


Year-round cultural events like the University Student Culture and Art Festival, Student Communities Festival, Science and Technology Festival and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Achievement Exhibition create a rich cultural atmosphere and a unique university experience. Schools and departments also hold cultural activities with their own characteristics, such as the Campus Guinness Competition held by the School of Mechanical Engineering, Girls’ Day by the School of Economics and Management, the Red, Yellow and Blue Art Festival by the School of Art and Design, the Automotive Cultural Festival by the School of Automotive and Rail Transit, the Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Forum by the School of Foreign Languages. Additionally, campus-wide events such as the Reading Month, Elegant Art on Campus, Alumni Day, public welfare and voluntary service activities create a sound environment for humanistic and holistic education.


NJIT has its own signature series of academic events. The Tianyin Lecture Series is a high quality academic program that has distinguished speakers express their views about selected topics. Since the first lecture presented in 2015, over 50 high-level lectures have been given to a total audience of nearly 10,000. Among these speakers are famous scholars with rich personal experience and profound knowledge, who interact with their student audience, share their wisdom and inspire critical thinking.

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