“The Natural Sounds of the West and China”, the Essence of Bel Canto Lecture Concert.

Pottery and ceramics class.

Students are working on their paintings.


ecognizing that an inclusive campus culture is essential for an active campus atmosphere and fostering good moral character, Nanjing Institute of Technology (NJIT) focuses on creating a diverse campus culture from concerts that blend Eastern and Western styles to evocative choral competitions to captivating art exhibitions, offering a rich array of opportunities for aesthetic engagement, fostering a creative arts community.


Recreational and involvement activities make the campus a lively, engaging and artistic environment. Currently, the University offers six undergraduate programs on art and design, including Industrial Design, Product Design, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Arts and Crafts, and Animation. Covering a floor area of 18,000 square meters, the Design Building of NJIT is composed of an art gallery of 1,800 square meters, a design working space for students of 1,000 square meters, a film and animation training centre of 1,200 square meters, and various laboratories and studios of 1,200 square meters, including furniture studio, model work room, product design and digital co-creation studio, digital design centre, smart light experiment centre, digital media experiment centre, jewellery studio, Tianyin studio, pottery studio, animation studio, and photography studio.

The annual campus events “Graduation Exhibition of Art and Design” and “Artworks Exhibition of Students and Faculty” have given students and teachers access to artistic experience and improved their aesthetic taste. A host of art courses on ceramics, calligraphy, lacquer, screenprinting and flower arrangement are included in the common curriculum for students to better understand and experience the merits of art.

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