NJIT Library is known as one of the “50 Scenic University Libraries in China”.

The open reading area on the ground floor.

Finnish teachers from University of Oulu are communicating with NJIT students in the Library.


ocated on the center of campus, the Nanjing Institute of Technology Library has a floor area of 38,000 square meters and is equipped with 13 different service areas with more than 3,500 seats, including learning and research areas, silent individual study space as well as flexible group study rooms.

In addition to its extensive print collection of more than 2 million cataloged volumes and 2,410 kinds of newspapers and periodicals, the Library also includes over 2.92 million kinds of electronic e-books and 70,000 e-journals in Chinese and English languages, and 63 databases (including sub-databases) of different research categories. The Library’s collection is well known for its impressive resources on engineering disciplines, with also literature from several other disciplines such as humanities, social sciences, management, and art. The main collection features books and journals on machinery, materials, electronics, automation, computer science, electric power, communications, architecture, vehicles, economics, art and design.

In addition to the around the clock online services with a multi-level resource service system, the Library is also equipped with a variety of self-service facilities such as self-service lending and return, in-house copy, online seat selection, and more. The information sharing space system brings together academic supports for students and faculty in a collaborative environment. The Library also offers courses on information communications technology while providing ICT consulting services for teaching and research.

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